Lyn Tremblay

Lyn combines the versatility of polymer clay with her own sense of artistic expression to create works of wearable art. The clay itself is produced in a variety of colours which can be blended just like paint, but it can also be sculpted, texturized, stamped, molded, drilled, twisted, squished…the possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination of the artist!
Focusing primarily on the creation of beads since 2011, Lyn recently added buttons to her handcrafted line of products, and has been inspired through art challenges at Panache Gallery to produce 3D wall art.
Lyn recently received international recognition for her work through two popular polymer clay blogs ‘Polymer Clay Daily’ & ‘The Daily Polymer Arts Blog’, and was also recognized as an ‘Emerging Artist’ in the summer issue of ‘The Polymer Arts’ magazine, the only magazine of its kind focusing on artists who work in the medium.